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Stefanie Perrella is the Managing Director of Valuation Advisory Services at Duff & Phelps.She is an adept economist with more than a decade of experience advising corporates, funds, and non-profits on a diversity of valuation and pricing related matters. Her advice has informed the strategic planning, investments, contract negotiation, and due diligence / compliance undertaken by her clients.

Over the past five years, Stefanie has leveraged this experience to develop a team of advisors specializing in the non-profit and social impact sphere. This team is regularly engaged by NGOs, foundations, funds, and start-ups to perform commercial feasibility assessments of novel interventions (e.g., products, technologies, processes). In performing these analyses, Stefanie and her team have designed proprietary models that can be used to assess the market dynamics (e.g., cost of goods, pricing, supply, and demand) associated with these interventions to validate and quantify their social impact. Ultimately the work Stefanie leads has been relied upon by her clients to successfully support more than 10 investments upwards of $100+ million each.

Stefanie has also leveraged her extensive experience in pricing and valuing intangible property portfolios (e.g., patents, trademarks, manufacturing know-how, etc.) and assessing the economics of financing arrangements (e.g., loans, guarantees, etc.) to assist her not-for-profit clients in structuring investments that are both sustainable and optimize their social impact.

Early in her career, Stefanie provided economic consulting services in three high- profile biotech intellectual property litigations. With this foundation, Stefanie has become a specialist in this industry as well as in global health. Stefanie holds a B.S. (summa cum laude) in International Affairs with a concentration in Finance and a M.A. in International Economic Relations from American University. She is a published author, an award-winning speaker, and a guest lecturer (see relevant selection below).

● Co-authored “Cost of goods sold and total cost of delivery for oral and parenteral vaccine packaging formats,” Vaccine, available online February 12, 2018, in collaboration with PATH.
● Co-presented symposium on “Innovations Leading to Simplification, Cost Reduction, and Cost Modelling,” March 19, 2018 at BioProcess International, US West with BioProcess Technology Consultants.
● Guest lectured “Practical Applications of Transfer Pricing Principles,” April 4, 2017 at Northwestern University.
● Presented “CBC Reporting and Other BEPs Developments for Life Sciences Companies,” CBI conference, November 11, 2015, to life science corporate finance and tax directors.
● Presented “Industry Perspectives on COGS, Understanding Costs of Goods and Pricing for PDPs,” May 21, 2014, to Steering Committee for PDP.
● Presented “Balancing the Incentive to Innovate with R&D Costs” Knowledge Conference, July 2, 2010, which via webinar presented data compensation methodology to 40 lawyers, general counsel, and EPA officials.